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Kumon Math Reading Learning Centers. 
Junior Kumon.

Kumon(tm) Review -

Kumon Centers for Math and Reading - The almanac shows that its the number one franchise in the US (New York Times Alamanc).  It seems there is a Kumon reading math center in every strip mall or office park across the country. Started in Japan, Kumon is very hot  in the US right now with parents lining up at Kumon Centers to pay hudnreds of dollars a month for the Kumon Learning Centers.
Kumon Educational Approach - Note - we are primarily reviewing Junior Kumon(tm) -

Kumon Learning Center Principles - Incremental Learning builds a foundation.  By moving forward in tiny increments and significant practice of the basics, children will build confidence and make progress.
Kumon Reward System - coming soon
Kumon Learning Center Approach to parental involvement
For an interesting alternative to Kumon, look at the Time4Learning page on Kumon.
Pricing.  Comparison of:
Kumon jr Learning Centers- $125/month per subject.  Typically, in Kumon Jr, there are two subjects so figure $250 for all the flash cards, work books, weekly 20 minute session, and loaned books.
Hooked On Phonics - $40 non refundable shipping and handling.  $299 for the complete reading program (refundable within 60 days). $299 for the math program (refundable within 60 days)
Private Tutor - Figure $45 / hour
Time4Learning - $19.95 / month, reading and math complete programs
Sylvan or Esylvan -
SCORE Centers  - They use the Successmaker software, very similiar to the Time4Learning software - ????

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Education MegaTrends & Computers
There are two apparently contradictory trends dominating the dynamics in public education in the last half decade.

One one hand, schools are recognizing that  children have different learning issues. The number of children being recognized as "exceptional learners" is steadily increasing. Nationwide, 38% of the children in public school are categorized as exceptional learners and the schools need to provide them with Individualized Education Plans.

In contrast, there is the trend towards rigid standardization. The NCLB (No Child Left Behind) mandate to rigidly define standards of performance. The increasing impact of high-stakes standardized testing to measure student's and school's is rapidly focusing everyone on the baseline testable benchmarks.

These trends appear contradictory but they are not.
NCLB insists that all children must learn the same basic materials. But how they learn is now being recognized as not a simple one-size-fits-all formula.
So, how to reconcile the need to have individualized instruction while driving towards high standards of performance. Obviously, everyone would like more individualized instruction from the teacher and smaller class sizes. However, this is not likely since budgets are limited and the focus in more on investing into holding onto the best teachers and extending education to the PreK year.
I believe that it's technology which will come to our rescue.

The computer for education is uniquely powerful as a private and supportive way for children to practice their lessons and further their learning. Many children, especially those wrestling with learning skills different from mainstream ones, become very self-conscious about their intelligence and learning ability. A large number of these children expend a lot of time and energy hiding their needs from their peers, teachers, and even parents. It is often necessary for them to need to spend longer periods of time understanding instructions or explanations, to need more time to think about and to work on exercises, or to need more practice time to master basic skills, or to have material presented to them verbally and visually.

One example of a new advanced
online educational teaching games that can fulfil these needs. Take a look.

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